Natural Health Education Center

Doctor Michael DeFabio is the founder and CEO of the Health Education Center located in Webster, New York and Orange County, CA.

Doctor DeFabio is a board certified Naturopath Physician and the developer of the company's Therapeutic Supplement line. The doctor specializes in holistic health care based on biblical principles. He has taught patients how to overcome chronic and even terminal health disorders when there seemed to be very little hope.

Dr. DeFabio and his wife own the rights to several Therapeutic Formulas developed by Dr. DeFabio. The formulas are the only products of their kind in the world. Information on these special formulas can be accessed on the pages of this web site.

Super Food Formulations

New Vitality:
A therapeutic protein mix like no other. Offers high energy and youthfulness.

Cardio Salvation:
This formula was made to help prevent heart attacks, strokes, hypertension and high cholesterol (LDL) levels.

Multi Vitamin Formula:
This special formula was made to offer balance, meet deficiencies, promote good sleep.

4 Pack Supplement Kit:
New Vitality, Cardio salvation, B-12 sublinguals, omega 3 fatty acids.

Dr. DeFabio specializes in Superfood and Therapeutic Supplement Technology. He has done his own research and studies to determine which nutrients work synergistically together versus those that don't. He has discovered that many health companies are just putting a group of random nutrients together and selling inadequate formulas. The raw materials you use will determine if a product offers any value to the consumer. The natural health field is growing daily and millions of folks are putting their trust and faith in us. We must stop selling inadequate products just for the sake of making money. Patients and consumers deserve better. After all, this is a division of health care. Where's the commitment to help those in need? Dr. DeFabio has a sincere passion to help people get healthy and stay healthy. We would never jeopardize anyone's welfare and well being just to make an extra dollar. Shame on those who are cheating us for extra wealth.

As of June 2011 Dr. DeFabio has reopened his medical practice to all of America and many other nations as well.

Dr. DeFabio has a long history for teaching Health renewal, especially when there seemed to be minimal hope for those suffering with chronic disorders. The doctor excels in cancer education and is troubled that millions of cancer patients are kept unaware of all the necessities while embarking on a series of cancer treatments. Dr. DeFabio specializes in obesity and its related diseases such as Diabetes. The Doctor also specializes in Heart and Cardiovascular disease, Liver and Kidney disease, Arthritic related disorders and Glandular related disorders.

Dr. DeFabio has a special reputation for turning disease around with the old school philosophy of seeking the root cause of each disease. Most disease is a result of too much of the bad, and not enough of the good! Godbless.

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